Garage Storm Shelter – 5’ x 7’ x 5’6″H

Premium Storm Shelters garage-floor storm shelters are all-steel solid construction with an outside sliding door design. Premium Storm Shelters tornado shelter designs have the Registered Professional Engineer Seal and meet or exceed FEMA guidelines.


  • Steel construction
  • 1/4″ steel plate doors
  • Easy sliding door design
  • Rust-resistant coating
  • Commercial grade weatherproofing
  • Built-in steps and seating
  • Built-in ventilation
  • Back door releases from inside
  • Meets or exceeds FEMA guidelines


Oklahoma is located in the heart of Tornado Alley, where severe weather conditions are common during the spring and summer months. In urban areas, having a storm shelter is especially important due to the high population density and limited space for outdoor shelters. An garage, underground storm shelter provides a practical and safe solution for urban residents in Oklahoma.

One of the main advantages of an garage, underground storm shelter is its accessibility. The shelter is located within the home, making it easy to access during a tornado warning. In the event of a tornado, there may be limited time to seek shelter, so having a shelter located in the garage ensures that residents can quickly and safely take cover.

Another benefit of an in-garage, underground storm shelter is its durability. These shelters are designed to withstand the high winds and debris associated with tornadoes. They are made from reinforced concrete and are anchored securely to the ground, providing a strong and stable structure for occupants. This is especially important in urban areas, where high-rise buildings and other structures can create additional wind turbulence and debris.

In addition to providing protection during a tornado, in-garage, underground storm shelters can also serve as a multi-purpose storage area. They can be used to store emergency supplies, such as water, food, and medical kits. They can also provide a secure location for valuables and important documents.

Another advantage of an in-garage, underground storm shelter is its space-saving design. In urban areas, outdoor shelters may not be feasible due to limited space. An in-garage, underground shelter takes up minimal space and does not require additional land or construction. This makes it a practical solution for urban residents looking to protect themselves and their families during severe weather conditions.

Finally, in-garage, underground storm shelters offer peace of mind to residents living in urban areas of Oklahoma. Tornadoes can strike at any time, and having a safe and secure shelter on hand provides a sense of security and comfort. Urban residents can rest easy knowing that they have taken the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families in the event of a tornado.

In conclusion, an in-garage, underground storm shelter is a practical and necessary investment for urban residents living in Oklahoma. It provides quick and easy access during a tornado warning, is durable enough to withstand severe weather conditions, and offers multi-purpose storage capabilities. It also saves space and provides peace of mind to residents. For those living in Tornado Alley, an in-garage, underground storm shelter is a wise investment that can make all the difference in a life-threatening situation.