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Storm Shelters Rebate Programs

At OKC Shelters, your safety is our priority. Living in Oklahoma means being prepared for severe weather, and having a reliable storm shelter is essential. We understand that the cost of installing a storm shelter can be a significant investment, but we’re here to help make it more affordable through various rebate programs available to Oklahoma residents.

Explore Rebate Programs for Your Peace of Mind

Did you know there are multiple types of storm shelter rebate programs designed to help you safeguard your home and loved ones without breaking the bank? These programs, offered by state and local governments, aim to encourage homeowners to take proactive steps in storm preparedness by providing financial assistance for the installation of storm shelters.

Types of Rebate Programs Available

Each rebate program has its own eligibility criteria, application process, and funding availability. Our team at Secure Storm Shelters is here to guide you through each step, ensuring you have the information and support you need to maximize your rebate opportunities.

Sooner Safe Program

The SoonerSafe programs is managed by the State of Oklahoma and provide substantial financial assistance to qualifying homeowners.  For More Info

Native American Rebate Programs

There are multiple tribes in the State of Oklahoma that offer substantial financial assistance for there tribal members.  If you are a member of your tribe please check with your local tribal office.  For More information

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SoonerSafe – Safe Room Rebate Program

You may register for the SoonerSafe – Safe Room Rebate Program online at SOONER SAFE website. The registration period will be open each year beginning January 15. Registering ensures you will be considered for the program, but does not guarantee that you will receive a rebate.

Beginning in 2024, the program requires annual registration for eligible homeowners who are still seeking a safe room rebate.

The program will use a random selection process to select names so that everyone who registers will have an equal chance to be selected. For that reason, the order of registration does not improve the odds of being selected.

A maximum rebate of $3,000* is available per home, not to exceed 75 percent of the actual cost of the safe room. (*Note: this amount increased for 2024. The maximum rebate amount in 2023 and prior years was $2,000).

Only one person may register per physical home address.

The randomly selected recipients will be notified after each selection period. You will be notified if you are selected for the rebate via the email address and/or phone number you provide when you register. Drawings will not occur on a specific date or month of the year, therefore please be sure to use an email address you check regularly.

If your application is selected, you will need to complete the following three steps: 1.) Confirm your participation; 2.) Have a safe room installed on your property following the guidelines in the SoonerSafe Rules and Regulations; 3.) Submit the required documentation (listed below) to ODEMHS by the deadline associated with your selection period. If you do not know your deadline, please call the SoonerSafe team at These steps are listed in more detail below.

Native American Storm Shelter Rebate Programs

Multiple Native American tribes provide there members with financial assistance for storm shelters.

The Chickasaw Nation

This program provides storm shelters for privately owned homes of Chickasaw citizens. Storm shelters are awarded one time to each household. The home must be the primary residence.

Applicants must be a Chickasaw citizen and not owe any outstanding debt to the housing division or the Chickasaw Nation.

  • Must be Chickasaw Citizen
  • No outstanding debt owed to the housing division or to the Chickasaw Nation
  • Home must be the applicant’s primary residence
  • Storm shelters are awarded one time only to each family in order to meet the needs of all Chickasaws
You Provide
  • CDIB/Citizenship Card for applicant
  • Social Security cards of all household members
  • Income verification of all household members
  • Copy of warranty deed
For information regarding this program CLICK HERE

The Muskogee Nation

The Muscogee Nation’s Emergency Management Storm Shelter Program will provide limited funding for the installation of storm shelters (Above Ground) for eligible citizens who are homeowners. Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements and live within the jurisdictional boundaries of The Muscogee Nation. Apartment complexes, duplexes, other multi-family residences, and rental homes are not eligible for this program. Selection for the Storm Shelter Program will not be on a first-come, first-served basis. A point-preference system will be utilized, with points assigned for each category for which an applicant qualifies. Applicants will be ranked and selected based on total number of preference points awarded.

 Program Restrictions:

  • Storm shelters are awarded one time only per household at their Primary Residence in order to meet the needs of all Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizens. If you own multiple homes, you are only eligible at your primary residence.
  • If Applicant lives in a mobile home, they must own both the mobile home itself and the land it is located on to be eligible.
  • Apartment complexes, duplexes, and other multi-family residences are not eligible for this program. If you live in a rent home, you are not eligible for this program.
  • If you previously installed a storm shelter, it does not qualify for retroactive eligibility.
  • Applicants cannot have a delinquent status, be in default, or have an outstanding debt owned with the MCN Housing Department or any other Mortgage Lending Company. Home owner must provide Statement from Mortgage holder showing that you are in good standing. (No payment receipt will be accepted.)

  Applicant Requirements:

  • Copy of The Muscogee Nation citizenship card (color copy)
  • Copy of Social Security card (color copy)
  • Copy of warranty deed or quit claim deed to show proof of home ownership;
  • Applicants participating in the Muscogee Nation Lease with Option to Purchase Program (aka “Lease to Own”) shall provide a copy of the Lease with Option to Purchase Agreement.
  • Copy of proof of residency in Applicant’s name, such as utility bill, voter registration card, income tax returns, or county assessor’s office mail. Document must indicate Applicant’s name and address of primary residence; (color copy)
  • All required application forms completed.
  • No accounts in default, or outstanding debt owed, or delinquent status with The Muscogee Nation Housing Department and any other Mortgage Lending Company. Home owner must provide Statement from Mortgage holder showing that you are in good standing. (No payment receipt will be accepted.)
  • Storm shelter will only be installed at the applicant’s privately owned primary residence.
  • Documentation from physician indicating an ambulatory disability, if Applicant is handicapped or disabled.
  • Mobile home resident applicants must provide the title of mobile home and deed requirements for property that mobile home sets on;
  • Citizens providing caregiver services must provide sufficient documentation indicating elderly or disabled Muscogee citizen is a resident of the home (proof of disability/elder status and citizenship of dependent required).

  How the Program works:

  • Applicant will complete application and submit all copies of necessary support documentation to the Storm Shelter Program. DO NOT SUBMIT ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS SUCH AS DEEDS; ALL PAPERWORK SUBMITTED WILL NOT BE RETURNED TO THE APPLICANT.
  • Once the application process has closed, applications will be reviewed, applicable preference points awarded and eligible Storm Shelter Program Applications approved.
  • Citizens will be notified of approval by the Storm Shelter Program staff upon selection via certified mail. Please do not call the office, it will only slow the process.
  • Awarded applicants have 15 days to confirm receipt of letter and to accept award.
  • Awarded applicant will work with approved vendor/contractor to get the preapproved storm shelter ordered and installed.
  • Muscogee Nation will pay the contractor directly; payment will not be remitted to citizens. Maintenance and associated cost after installation will be the responsibility of the awarded applicant.

For More Information CLICK HERE

The Choctaw Nation

Storm Shelters

Provides a storm shelter grant to eligible Choctaw tribal members who live in Oklahoma.

  • Awarded one time only
  • New and existing homes are eligible
  • Must be installed at primary residences and must be installed on property owned by the applicant; for applicants who own multiple homes, only the primary residence is eligible.
  • Only one person may register per physical home address.
  • For a mobile home, the applicant must own both the mobile home and the land.
  • Only single-family residential homeowners are eligible for their primary residence; rental homes are not eligible.
  • Apartment complexes, duplexes, and other multi-family residences are not eligible.
  • Community or neighborhood storm shelters are not eligible.
  • Previously installed storm shelters and storm shelters in the installment process are not eligible for this program.
  • Must be 45 years old or older to receive the full grant amount of $3,500.
  • Aged 18-44 who meet all other requirements will receive a grant in the amount of $1,750.
  • To qualify for the $5,000 grant, applicants must have a documented ambulatory disability for an above ground shelter.
  • The cost for extra amenities, such as handrails, extended steps or ladders, or any decorative design will be at the homeowner’s expense.

Apply online HERE

For more information about the Storm Shelter Program CLICK HERE


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