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Edmond Oklahoma is located north east of the Oklahoma Capital Oklahoma City.  Edmond has a humid subtropical climate with frequent variations in weather during part of the year and consistently hot summers. Prolonged and severe droughts often lead to wildfires and heavy rainfall often leads to flash flooding and flooding. Consistent winds, usually from the south or south-southeast during the summer, help temper the hotter weather.

Consistent northerly winds during the winter can intensify cold periods. Severe ice storms and snowstorms happen sporadically during the winter.

The city is located in Tornado Alley and is subject to frequent and severe tornadoes and hailstorms. Due to Edmond being located in “Tornado Alley” it is recommended that all Oklahoma residents secure some access to a tornado safe place for daytime, and night time hours.  Fully tested, and FEMA recommended storm / tornado shelters are at the top of the recomendatoion list.  The Oklahoma City metropolitan area is one of the most tornado-prone major cities in the world.

If you live in Edmond, Oklahoma and are interested in an inside Garage Storm / Tornado shelters, Safe Rooms, or outside concrete storm shelters give us a call today and we can walk you through the process of getting tornado shelter for your home residence or your place of work.  Homes in urban areas, most of the time, have found inside garage storm shelters are the best choice because not a large enough back yard, no access to installation trucks and city code won’t let them be installed in the front yard.  With larger lawns and access for installation trucks outside concrete storm shelters can be an option.  If you need one of our on sight storm shelter walkthroughs to layout your options call, email or fill out the free estimate form.