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Garage storm shelters have become more and more popular in recent years, and for good reason. Storms and severe weather events can strike unexpectedly, and it is crucial to have a safe refuge in the home. The garage is an ideal location for a storm shelter, as it is typically the most easily accessible part of the home.

One of the great benefits of garage storm shelters is that they are generally more affordable compared to other safe refuge options. A garage storm shelter is installed within the garage itself, so homeowners do not need to create a separate structure. This saves both time and money in the installation process, making them a popular option for many.

Garage storm shelters are also incredibly durable and weather-resistant. They are constructed of high-strength steel and most can withstand winds of up to 250 miles per hour, which is above the required standard of most building codes. A garage storm shelter can also be custom built to accommodate the number of occupants and to suit the specific needs of the homeowner.

Another benefit of garage storm shelters is convenience. Unlike traditional storm shelters that are installed outside of the home, garage shelters are easily accessible from inside the home, which could be essential especially in the case of an emergency. Homeowners do not need to go outside in bad weather and can take refuge within the garage quickly and safely.

Furthermore, installing a garage storm shelter can also be viewed as an investment in your property. It not only adds additional security to your home, but it can enhance the overall value of the home. In addition, home insurance premiums can be reduced by up to 25% when a garage storm shelter is installed.

However, installing a garage storm shelter does have its considerations. The garage will need to be large enough to accommodate the shelter, and this may result in the loss of space that is typically used for storage that could be an issue for some homeowners. Additionally, installing a garage storm shelter must be done in accordance with Oklahoma codes and regulations.

In conclusion, garage storm shelters are an excellent way to protect yourself and your loved ones from severe weather events. Their accessibility, affordability, durability, and customizability make them a compelling option for many. The garage storm shelters not only add value to the home, but the peace of mind and security it provides is priceless. If you live in a region susceptible to severe weather events, installing a garage storm shelter could be one of the best investments you can make for your family and your property.